About MiniTrapitos

MiniTrapitos born fourteen years ago with my fondness for dollhouses.

I wore my first doll dress sticking to it and so did the idea of ​​making dresses removable, so you can change it to your favorite doll or ornament put on the dollhouse.

The dresses are made of quality fabrics adorned with lace, trimmings, ribbons of silk, taking care of the smallest detail.

They fasten with brackets, automatic or elastic, depending on the model.

The dresses are customizable and can change the color of the fabric as you like, depending on availability.

In my page you can completely customize the doll, choosing the dress, wig and accessories.

I also do accessories and clothing for dolls or doll house.

I hope you like it.

  • DRESSES: removable made in quality fabrics (natural silk, raw silk, cotton ..) decorated with fine lace trimmings and matching. Fastened with brackets or automatic, depending on model. They can be made by choosing custom color and pattern.
  • UNDERWEAR: bodices, bloomers, petticoats, stockings, nightgowns, robes, shirts with shorts. Less stockings, everything is removable. WIGS: moire made in several models and colors. Removable. It can be done by choosing the custom color.
  • ACCESSORIES: Hats, bags, closed and open umbrellas, sleeves, Bonet, shawls, shawls. To put on the wrist or embellishment in the dollhouse.
  • ACCESSORIES: Chests full of sewing items or accessories for women, Vanity sets, jewelry, perfumes, rosaries, stand with bracelets, sewing baskets, mannequins adorned, hat boxes.
  • SCENES: Made to detail, can be made on request. 



Artesanía personalizada

All 1:12 scale for dollhouses.

I can work at other scales on request.

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I love it! It is amazing, made with good taste and attention to the smallest detail.

Inmaculada Rodríguez

I have the pleasure of knowing their work in person and I can say they are fabulous.

María Gracia

I had a doll and now I have dressed and with a wonderful wig, all to my taste, I love it!

Concepción Bertomeu

These wigs dresses ... .. ... .. awesome job.

Stephanie Domínguez